How to Manage your Anger?

Are you getting angry very often, shouting at your sub-ordinates or your family members? You need to control it, do not worry you do not have to take time off your work to join Anger Management classes. Eating nutritious foods during the day can boost your energy and happiness and keep your stress and negative emotions at bay. There are times when you feel like you are in heaven and everything is going on according to the way you want and at other time you feel like quitting your job even for the silliest of reasons. If you think you are losing your calm over minor issues it is time you check your diet. According to your nutritionist certain foods when consumed at a particular time of the day can control your temper. These foods have a good effect on your mind and body. These foods act as medicines and keep you alert , calm and active throughout the day. These foods balance pressure and blood sugar levels and neurotransmitter levels in your body. Here is a list of 10 such foods.

foods to manage anger
1. Kiwi

If you are losing your calm in the early hours of the day, it signals you are stresses, thus indicating that your body is experiencing oxidative damage. Consume a cup of fresh Kiwifruit which are rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin-c. If you do not like to eat them plain, kiwi, combine them with low fat curd and some nuts.
2. Barley

If Irritation and frustration is getting the best of you for no reason at mid-day it can be due to low blood sugar levels, but keep them in a normal range. Boost your energy levels at mid-day by eating a cup of cooked barley, which maintains your blood sugar levels steady for the entire afternoon and thus keep your anger in check.
3. Pepper

It is a notion that pepper raises your temper but it is not entirely true. Pepper contains a chemical called “capsaicin” that causes the heat in the pepper when you eat pepper the capsaicin in the pepper releases heat which are feel good hormones. These endorphins will clear the stress you have during the day and boost your mood.
4. Baked Potatoes

Potatoes are loved by everyone. They contain complex carbohydrates and are also rich in vitamin-B. These help in lowering the stress and blood pressure. Have a healthy amount of tasty and delicious baked potatoes anytime of the day.
5. Apple and peanut butter

Just as the combination is interesting is also good for health. It is combination of carbs and proteins. They boost the energy levels and nourishes your brain. Take them in the morning at breakfast.
6. Buckwheat Noodles

If you want to have a good relish, that is tasty and stomach filling between meals have a cup of buckwheat noodles with pesto and stir fried vegetables. They provide your body with carbs and proteins and also are low in calories. Take them between breakfast and lunch gap or at evening.
7. Spinach Soup

If you want to have a healthy stomach filling meal take a bowl of baked wheat pasts with spinach soup. Spinach is a rich source of the neurotransmitter Seratonin, which makes you feel good and also full of iron and other important minerals which replenishes your energy levels.
8. Nuts

Almonds and walnuts contain omega3-fatty acids which nourish your brain. Have a handful of these nuts whenever you are hungry. Eat walnuts on empty stomach which keeps your cholesterol in control.
9. Bananas

They are anti-depressant fruits, they are full of vitamin-b and potassium. They control BP, Heart rate. Eat them during the day or in the evening.
10. Legumes

Peas, lentils, beans are excellent sources of proteins. Add them to salads, soups etc. They are rich sources of complex carbohydrates and soluble fiber. They slow the digestion process and relax your mind.

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