Have a broken lock or have an unreliable safe? Thinking of calling your Philadelphia Locksmith but thinking twice about it? While most homeowners and business owners will think of the expenses first when it comes to security, experts will disagree. Safety of the family and safety of the businesses that you have put up should be your top priority. Why?

On average, it will take you around 15 seconds to read the first to the last word of the paragraph above. For that amount of time, another home in the United States has been burglarized. We are not making this up but every 15 ticks of the clock, a family or a business becomes a victim to burglary. When you talk about robbery, the stats will show you that i happens every one and a half minutes.


Below are some more fascinating facts that will convince you that you should call your Locksmith Philadelphia if you need to install, fix or repair locks for your home or business.

1. In 2012, around 2.2 million homes were burglarized and about 354,520 were robbed.

2. About 60 percent of the burglaries involved forced entries while 30 percent involved the bad guys passing through unlocked doors and windows.

3. An average burglar can get into your home in around 60 seconds. (A Philadelphia locksmith can make this time a lot longer and make the lives of burglars more difficult)

4. About 90 percent of burglars avoid homes with security systems and elaborate security locks installed.

5. Every 2 minutes, about two cars are stolen in the U.S.

6. According to the Philadelphia Police Department, the cases of residential burglary went down year in and year out with 7,627 as of November 24, 2013 from 8,564 in the same period last year. (Don’t be part of these stats by having a Philadelphia locksmith checking your house for possible security issues.)

7. The highest incidents of burglary happen during the months of July through August when a lot of families go on vacation.

8. Thinking that cops might recover your items? In reality, only about 15 percent of stolen properties are recovered by the police. Some of the most common items stolen are laptops, cameras, cellphones, tablets, jewelry, and anything that can easily be converted to cash.

9. Flint, Michigan; Gary, Indiana; and Youngstown, Ohio are the top 3 cities in terms of burglary for every 100,000 people. Philadelphia is far down the list but it does not mean that broken locks should not be fixed by your locksmith Philadelphia.

10. About 85 percent of burglaries happen in large, urban areas.

Tips for Homeowners and Business Owners

If you want to make your home or business safe from burglary, make sure you use a solid core or a metal door, if possible, at entrance points. A deadbolt designed for heavy-purposes will also do wonders for you.

Homeowners can also install a wide-angle peephole if you do not have video intercoms installed at home. In case you are moving into a new place, make sure to change all the door locks to be sure.

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