The island of Cuba has enjoyed the title of being the best cigar maker in the world for centuries and this can be put down to its geographical location, Cuban artistry in rolling and blending tobaccos as well as their skill at growing what is known to be the best cigar tobacco on the planet. However, boasting the perfect growing environment is just part of Cuba’s never ending success story in the luxury cigar industry.

1 Best Soil Conditions for Tobacco Growing

The island of Cuba boasts a quality of soil that is perfectly suited to the tobacco plant. The plants do well and the leaves do so well that Cuba produces top quality leaves which are used for wrappers, binders and filler. However, it is the wrappers which are considered to be the most important component of a cigar’s construction because it is the wrapper that adds so much to the flavour, taste and overall look of a fine Cuban cigar.

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Cuba makes the best cigars.

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2 Perfect Weather Conditions

Apart from wonderful soil conditions for tobacco growing, Cuba also boasts perfect weather conditions with the humidity factor playing a crucial role in growing cigar tobacco. Humidity is essential both in the growing and drying process which allows for near perfect leaves to be produced whether for rolling or wrapping. Over the centuries, Cuba’s perfect weather has seen its cigar making industry grow from strength to strength and this in turn means master cigar makers have plied their trade improving things all the while.

3 Hundreds of Years of Tradition

Cuba boasts hundreds of years of tradition when it comes to growing the best tobacco crops which means that growers know when their crops are ready to be harvested. This is naturally at the very best time when the leaves are at their best – much like wine growers know when grapes are ready to be harvested so they produce the best and finest quality wine.

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It has become a Cuban tradition.

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With tobacco leaves, it is essential to know when to pick them which means knowing when the humidity is perfect to do so.  If the conditions are perfect it allows pickers to harvest these beautiful large leaves without them being damaged or torn in any way. The leaves have to be intact when they are harvested whether it’s the lower, middle or upper leaves that are being picked. Humidity plays an important part when tobacco leaves are being harvested.

4 Expert Cigar Rolling & Curing Techniques

The way cigars are rolled in Cuba is legendary which naturally adds to the fine quality of the end product. It is just one of the many reasons why cigar connoisseurs the world over cherish the Cuban cigar so much. Hand rolled and superbly crafted cigars produced in Cuba are thought of as being premium cigars which boast a consistency like no other cigar in the world.

However, before the tobacco can be skilfully rolled by the torcedors, it has to be cured for a six week period which involves sorting out the carefully selected tobacco leaves by their colour so that during their fermentation the flavour is stabilised. This in turn is a process that is delicately and meticulously managed. It is when bundles and bales of cigars are checked every four hours to make sure there is no variation in the temperature.

After this, the tobacco leaves are sorted yet again by colour to establish which would be used for filling, which would be used for binding and which would be best used for wrapping, one of the most important parts of the construction of a Cuban cigar.

The leaves are then de-veined; they are sprayed with water so that any lost moisture is replaced before they are laid out on tables for the cigar rollers to do their work. Rolling a cigar’s wrapper takes years to learn, it is a skill that borders on an art form and in Cuba. The torcedors who carry out this part of the process do so by knowing just how much they can stretch the leaf before placing the filler followed by the binder leaves. Cuban cigars are constructed by master torcedors who ensure each part of the process is expertly done so a cigar is perfectly wrapped, is a perfect diameter, length and draw.

5 Cuban Cigars Are Packed With Flavour

Because Cuba’s soil is so perfect for growing tobacco, their cigars are packed full of flavour. The main growing region on the island of Cuba is known as the Vuelta Abajo area where not only the soil is perfect, but the climate is too. The humidity in Vuelta Abajo is perfect for each part of the growing process, from the moment the plants are put in the soil to when the leaves are harvested.

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Cuban cigars have lots of flavour.

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6 The Three Major Components of a Cuban Cigar

Cuban cigars boast three major components being the filler which is the tobacco in the cigar itself, the binder which binds it all together and the wrapper which is made up of tobacco leaves that envelop the whole cigar. Each one of these three components adds flavour to the cigar as a whole. A Cuban cigar is literally packed full of taste and flavour from the inside out which in turn gives them the fullness of character that Cuban cigars are renowned for having, that’s why they are popular on sites like

Cigars produced in other parts of the world tend to draw their flavours from the outer components which mean their flavour is shallower than and not as full as the taste and full flavour of a Cuban cigar.

7 The Importance of the Cedar “Marrying Room”

The “marrying” process begins after the cigars have been rolled and is known as cigar añejamiento. Cigars are normally tied up in bundles before being placed in cedar cabinets found in the marrying rooms. It is during the first week that the humidity lowers and stabilises to a temperature of around 70º. The second week is when the ageing process starts which sees flavours and aromas blending into each other in an extraordinarily aromatic way.

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Cigars are one of Cuba’s premium objects.

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Impurities and any ammonia are removed during the ageing process and it is the Cuban master cigar maker who will decide when any cigars are ready to be boxed. It would be fair to say that a cigar continues to age right up until the moment it is expertly lit and smoked which is why anyone who sells fine quality Cuban cigars or others store them in optimum environments. Cuban cigars are so well made and constructed that if kept in perfect conditions, they will age, develop and produce oils whilst all the while ridding themselves of any impurities until the day it is smoked. In short, Cuban cigars if well cared for get better with age.

8 The Influence of the Embargo

Since the embargo was set in place in the fifties when Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba, Havana cigars earned an extra allure of being a luxury that was hard to come by in America. This in turn made them more sought after and desirable items of luxury than ever before much like the prohibition period when alcohol could not be sold and as such many Speakeasy’s appeared on the scene to satisfy a consumer need for their favourite tipple.

9 The Many Master Cigar Makers of Cuba including Bolivar

Cuba boasts many superb master cigar makers which include big names like Bolivar, Hoyo de Monterrey, Montecristo, Juan Lopez and El Rey del Mundo to name but a few that connoisseurs all over the world credit with being among the best producers of fine cigars in the world.

10 The Luxurious Cachet of Class that Cuban Cigars Boast

There is a cachet of sheer class attached to smoking a fine Havana cigar which celebrities, kings, politicians, the rich and famous appreciate to the full. Smoking one of these quality premium cigars adds to their personas in a way like no other cigar can do. Whether it’s a businessman or woman, being seen smoking a prestigious Cuban cigar shows they are among the most successful people in the world. For centuries, Cuba has mastered the art of cigar making like no other country. The growing conditions being perfect for the tobacco plant to thrive and flourish in which adds to the flavour and aroma of these world class cigars which are made from the finest tobaccos on the planet.


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Everybody enjoys a good cigar.

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At the beginning of the year, cigar aficionados from far and wide descended on Cuba to be part of a week-long festival celebrating the wonders of the Cuban cigar and where thousands if not millions of dollars exchanged hands for fine cigars, handmade humidors filled with premium quality Montecristo cigars. Proof once again that Cuba retains its number one position as the best producer of the world’s finest handmade cigars with sales up by 8% in what is perceived as a recession hit world.


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