If you’re someone who battles with allergies, you are certainly not alone. According to many published statistics, over 55 percent of Americans suffer from at least one allergen and close to one in five struggle with allergy symptoms.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that you can do to make allergy season easier to bear. If you’d like some effective and affordable allergy season survival tips, there are five below that will have you feeling better in no time.

Know what to do with your windows. Something that affects allergy symptoms one way or another is your windows. On one hand, if you’re allergic to pollen, leaving them open can trigger your symptoms. On the other hand, if you’re allergic to dust and mold, opening them up can offer you some relief. So, think about what exactly it is that you’re allergic to and then adjust your windows based on that information. You should notice a significant difference in how you feel if you do.

Drink some salt water. If you’ve tried allergy medication before but it makes you feel tired and groggy, then you might want to consider purchasing a saline nasal spray to decrease some of your congestion. Speaking of saline, something else that you might want to try is gargling with warm water and a couple of teaspoons of sea salt. It’s a soothing way to bring relief to a throat that is irritated by mucus drainage.

Consume less dairy. Consuming a lot of dairy is not going to produce more mucus in your system. But if you are someone who is very congested during allergy season, it can make the mucus thicker. That’s why it really is best to minimize the amount of milk, ice cream and cheese that you consume. Besides, sticking to a diet that consists of a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables will help to boost your immune system so that you can fight off your allergy symptoms more effectively.

Remove your clothes when you come home. There are a lot of people who do not realize that they end up having allergy symptoms inside of their house, largely due to the fact that they bring them in from the outside. How does this happen? By walking around the house in the clothes and shoes that they wore all day long. That said, it really is best to remove your clothes and your shoes as soon as you get into the house. You should also take a shower too. It will help you to wash off all of the allergens that got onto your clothes and body throughout the day.

Invest in a dehumidifier. When there is a lot of humidity inside of a home, it can really do a number on your respiratory system. This is especially the case when it comes to allergy systems like coughing and congestion. However, by putting a dehumidifier in your bedroom, it removes moisture from the air, which makes it easier to deal with many of your allergy symptoms. Another thing that can help to keep dirt, dust and debris out of the air is an air purifier. If you live in a humid place like Austin, Texas you can find an Austin air purifier at your local Walmart. For information on the best air purifiers in the country, visit ConsumerReports.org and put “top air purifiers” in the search field.