Are you planning to travel the Rockies? Indeed, Yellowstone National Park is a treasure that can be enjoyed all year round. Of course, you’ll have to bundle up in the winter, but it can be beautiful to see the snowcapped mountains as you wake up next to your campfire. The most beautiful time to visit Yellowstone is in the spring and early summer. If you are planning to travel to Yellowstone with your family, there are numerous sights and locations to put on your daily itinerary. If you are staying for a few days or a couple of weeks, there is so much to see and do that you won’t get bored. Here are five things for families to see and do in Yellowstone National Park.

  1. Yellowstone Lake. If you want someplace to go fishing, or simply a beautiful place to pitch your tent and camp, Yellowstone Lake is your destination. This beautiful and pristine lake is by far the biggest lake in Yellowstone and the largest body of fresh water above the 5,000 foot altitude level in the United States. While the lake is frozen in the winter, it can be a gorgeous lake to visit when the weather gets warm again – usually at the end of April.
  2. Grand Prismatic Spring. This is by far the most beautiful and colorful spring in Yellowstone. After years and years of mineral deposits, fresh spring water and other materials, this amazing little pool of water is edged by a rainbow-colored ring that literally looks like it is shining from multiple feet away. This is where the spring gets its unique name. If you are visiting the park, this spring is about seven miles from Old Faithful.
  3. Old Faithful. Of course, a lot of people visit Yellowstone to witness the natural miracle that is Old Faithful. This amazing geyser can sometimes blast 180 feet into the air -charged by the combustion of the earth’s core. For centuries, this incredible geyser has been erupting every single day on an hour and a half schedule. Basically, you can visit Yellowstone and not even worry about missing Old Faithful’s eruption. If you want a more precise schedule, you can get one from the visitor center.
  4. The Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center. If you want to experience some wildlife in their natural habitat, you’ll definitely want to visit the Discovery Center. This amazing habitat was created as a natural conservatory center for all the grizzly bears and wolves that roam Yellowstone’s grounds. These beautiful and majestic animals are truly a sight to behold and it can be such a wonderful experience to see them roaming around their natural habitat.
  5. Mount Washburn. If you have a love for hiking and being out in the mountains, climbing hatchbacks and traversing through dense forests, this amazing mountain range deep in Yellowstone is a must. Some young children may not enjoy a sojourn into this mountain range, so be sure to reserve this trip for older children. In the end, you’ll create memories for a lifetime.