If you’re planning on taking a vacation to Europe and you have Vienna on your list of must-see places while you’re there, you won’t be disappointed. Located in the central part of Europe, Vienna is known for its wine, its music and plenty of culture and romance.

So, as you’re getting together all of the information that you need in order to make it an absolutely amazing trip, you might be wondering what you should do when it comes to transportation. If that’s the case, included are five tips for getting around in Vienna for first-time travelers.

Take a train. It’s not uncommon for visitors to come to Vienna from other parts of Europe like Paris, for example. While you could take a flight from one destination to another, how about hopping aboard a train instead? Although it will take significantly longer (about 12 hours or so), it’s a lot more comfortable and the view is magnificent.

Use public transportation. Once you actually arrive in Vienna, there is plenty of public transportation that’s available to you from buses to subways to even places where you can rent a bicycle and ride through the beautiful countryside roads that are all throughout Vienna. However, if the thought of public transportation is not something that particularly interests you, there is the following option.

Hail a taxi. Although you might think that it’s best to rent a car in order to get from one place to another once you arrive in Vienna, it’s actually more idea to hail a taxi. One of the main reasons is because when it comes to the parking there, it tends to be very crowded and also extremely expensive. So, if you don’t want to use public transportation, then taking a taxi is going to be your next best bet.

  1.  When it comes to Vienna travel , you might want to consider booking a hotel reservation in an area that has shops and eateries within walking distance (the good news is that there are many of those). Sure, you might not want to walk all of the time but it remember that by doing so, you can get a lot of exercise. Plus, if your trip to Vienna is going to be with a significant other, strolling along the streets, hand in hand can also create some truly romantic memories.

Rent a car. If one of the things on your itinerary is to spend an evening at the Vienna opera and you don’t want to get onto the subway in your formal best, plus you don’t want to have to spend the fee that comes with getting a taxi, you can always rent a car. The reason why this was mentioned last is simply because it can sometimes seem to be a bit more trouble than its worth, again due to the parking issues along with some of the “fine print” that comes with Vienna rentals. But if you would prefer to do it anyway, it is definitely an option that is available to you. For information on purchasing opera tickets, visit A and A Tickets Online. For information on Vienna car rentals, visit Vienna-Unwrapped and put “car rental Vienna” in the search field.