Choosing the right exhibition is one of the first things any business must do if they want to be a successful exhibitor. It’s not easy to know what to look for when you start out on the exhibition circuit. The following tips will help you determine which events are the most promising for your business.

Choosing an Exhibition Tip 1: Know Your Demographic

The exhibitions you attend should be the same as those that your demographic attends. You must know who you’re marketing to if you want to be successful. If you haven’t already, outline your demographic and determine whether or not they are likely to be in attendance before you book a space.

Choosing an Exhibition Tip 2: Travel Time Costs Money

Travel time will cost you more money. You will have to pay for fuel or airfare and shipping for your exhibition display. If you’re worried about budget, consider staying close to home until your profits can justify travelling a longer distance.

Choosing an Exhibition Tip 3: If You’re Service is Location-Based, Stay Local

If your service is only available in a limited area, then you should only book exhibitions in that area or very close to it. There’s no point in attending an event that’s 50 miles away if you cannot provide service or product for the people who attend. A majority of the people who go to exhibitions are locals, so stick with your service area.

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Choosing an Exhibition Tip 4: Ask for Advice from Experienced Exhibitors

If you know other professionals who have participated in an exhibition, ask them about their experience. They may be able to recommend shows that they felt were good and dissuade you from wasting time and money on those that are not well organised or profitable.

Choosing an Exhibition Tip 5: Google Exhibits before You Attend

It may sound obvious, but search for the event on the web before you attend. Find everything you can online to learn more about who will be there, how it’s managed and what others thought about previous years.

Choosing an Exhibition Tip 6: Go as an Attendee Then Return as an Exhibitor

If you’re on the fence about an exhibition, consider going as an attendee first. This will give you the freedom to wander without responsibilities while you feel out the crowd and atmosphere. You can also chat with current exhibitors to ask them about their experiences.

Choosing an Exhibition Tip 7: Come Up with a Budget First

Cost is a very important factor, so make sure you know what you can afford before you book an exhibition. You may find ways to cut costs by choosing a smaller booth, but make sure the overall price will be manageable for your current budget. Only stick with exhibits you can afford then build up from there as your profits rise.

Choosing an Exhibition Tip 8: Find Out Who’s Speaking at the Exhibition

If speakers or roundtable discussions will be hosted at the exhibition, find out who will be on the stage. Make sure the people who are being showcased are reputable, reliable and knowledgeable experts. Flaky, unprofessional and/or notorious figures could tarnish the entire events reputation – and yours if you participate!

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