Add Adventure To Your Next Vacation

Not everyone is content spending their vacation relaxing in the sand on the beach with a drink in their hand or spending an afternoon at the spa. Some people crave adventure, and would much rather enjoy a vacation full of activities that include mountain climbing, river rafting and safari exploration! If you’re looking to add a bit of spice to your life, an adventurous vacation might be the perfect solution for you!


You may have your eyes on that all-inclusive trip to a resort that you never need to leave. You won’t find adventure here! Most often, you will find adventure while taking the road less traveled. Go somewhere you’ve never been before and talk to the locals to find out where the real fun is. They know their cities better than anyone else and would most likely be thrilled to be able to help you find fun and daring activities to enjoy.

If you’re stuck for ideas of where to travel, there are many blogs out there that are dedicated to adventurous travel destinations. You might just find your inspiration online! Whatever you choose, try to step out of your comfort zone. You only live once, and how often are you able to take vacations? It’s time to forget about your typical day on the beach vacation for once and try something a little more daring.

Some ideas of an adventurous vacation include places where you can enjoy white water rafting, downhill skiing, mountain climbing, deep sea diving and many others! The options are endless! Many countries are able to provide the perfect terrain for off-roading or wildlife for a safari adventure. These kinds of activities are great for exploring the world around you.

You might be thinking to yourself, “I want to go somewhere I can relax. How am I going to relax if I am doing adventurous activities?” The truth is, you will come home feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated from an adventure vacation than any other kind of vacation. An adventure will help you to truly forget about what you have waiting for you at home and immerse yourself in the moment.

Many of the best adventures take place in the wild. Turn off your cell phone and laptop. Completely unplug from the world for a while. Connect with your surroundings and forget about the bustling city. There are so many adventurous activities to enjoy outdoors; you’ll have to decide what you’d like to try first.

Wherever you decide to go and whatever adventure you decide to try, an adventure vacation will provide you with memories that you’ll never forget. It is important to step outside of your comfort zone every once in a while, to push yourself and to try new things. It’s time to stop taking the same vacation you do every year and to experience something new in a place you’ve never been before. You have a ton of time to lie around on the beach, but how many times in your life will you be able to explore the outback of Australia or the Swiss Alps?

The Author enjoys taking adventure vacations in top cities around the world including Chicago. He has stayed at some of the top hotels in Chicago near Navy Pier.