Now using the amazing hack of amazon you can get free codes for you and your friends within couple seconds, you just need to the right tools and you can get unlimited card codes for free, i know may sounds like a joke to you, i couldn’t believe my self when i first saw it, but then a friend of main actually generated a code on front of me and he activated it on amazon . Only then i started to believe . When i got home the very first thing i did was opening my computer and downloading the amazon generator and i can say it change my life, i started to sell codes on forums and on my blog, i earned pretty good money with it, now you can use it for you or to sell the codes whatever you wanna do is up to you .

But before you actually going to download this thing you should watch video tutorials and reviews to make sure this tool is what you really need, because you may not like some requirements like feeling out a survey before you can download it, so if you can’t do an offer/survey for downloading the hack then you can quite for now because that’s the policy of the hack creators, they ask you to feel a fast free survey before you can get the tool on your computer .

About versions, well i recommend you to use the last version always, since the last version come with new fresh codes, off course on the old versions you can also get some fresh codes, but on latest version you can get more and faster, but attention, before you going to generate first hit hack db button and then generate, because if you hit generate first you can’t get frest card codes, only old and probably used codes . If you’ll have any other questions related to my review just ask here on comments and i’ll answer faster I can, or you can contact the creators they will answer you within couple minutes, on support page or email you’ll find all those on their official site .


So now using the hack, first as i said before push ” Hack DB ” button wait few seconds when is done now hit ” Generate ” button and you good to go, now you should get the code all you have to do now is to activate the code on amazon .

You can download the generator right now here –