People whose professions require them to stand for longer hours on a daily basis should consider their choice of shoes. While they may not have any feet problems, they must get good shoes for standing all day. Wearing the right kind of shoes can help reduce ankle, hip, knee and back pain. Although there hasn’t been any research which proves that specific shoes can relieve or reduce feet problems, a vast majority of people have reported that certain brands of shoes have relieved their pain.

Nurses spend the better part of their day standing and walking on hard surfaces. This causes strains on their ankles, knees, back and hips. Sometimes they even work shifts that are longer than the traditional 8 hour workday, so the profession can be punishing. This is particularly true for nurses who already have foot problems. The best way to deal with foot problem is to wear the right kind of shoes. There are a few important factors that nurses should consider when deciding on the right shoes.

Factors to consider when shopping for shoes 

A good pair of shoes will absorb lots of pounding while offering comfort. If the shoes don’t stay fit properly, then it is not better than walking bare footed. Additionally, nurses operate in slippery environments. Thus, their shoes should be non-slippery to prevent them from sliding on slippery surface. They must not be too tight in order to allow blood circulation on the feet. Also, they must be breathable in order to keep the feet dry all day. The shoes must also keep quite when walk as squeaking shoes may disturb the patients and annoy them while they are sleeping. There are many other factors to consider based on your personal needs and preferences.

Types of shoes for nurses

There are many different types of shoes for nurses in the market. Some of these shoes have been designed with nurses in mind, while others are designed to hold up as best walking and standing shoes. However, finding the best shoes is not an easy task. Some of the most comfortable shoes for nurses include Top Pillow, Dansko Profesional, Crocs Mercy, Nurse Mat and Plush lining. While these shoes are all good they are not all the same. Timberland, for example, produces shoes that look more professional while Crocs Mercy looks somewhat different than most nurse shoes. The work’s dress code as well as personal preferences will ascertain which shoe brand is right for you.

What to avoid when shopping for shoes

One common mistake that most people make when purchasing shoes is shopping in hast and buying the first shoes they try on. It is very unlikely that the very first pair of shoes you try on will be the right one for your feet. Don’t shop in a hurry. Instead, to take your time and you will find the perfect fit. It is also vital to know your foot before buying any pair of shoes. It is also advisable to purchase shoes after being on your feet for sometime as this will give your feet ample time to swell. This will aid you find the perfect fit.