The lazy days of summer are finally upon us. The near-constant sunshine and warm weather make the summer a favorite season for many. It’s time for barbeques, visits to the beach, and lazy summer days relaxing in the shade. But when temperatures soar into triple digits and humidity levels get dangerously close to a hundred percent, you may find yourself wishing for some relief. Here are a few helpful tips for keeping yourself and your family cool when the summer heat becomes unbearable.

Think Like a Kid

Remember those times as a child when you ran through the sprinkler or played with the hose in your yard? Kids have the right idea when it comes to staying cool. If 100-degree temperatures are in the forecast, head to your local home improvement store and check out their lawn and garden section. A good sprinkler or hose is an inexpensive way to beat the heat. Inexpensive kiddie pools, slip and slides, and other recreational water setups help add an element of fun to being outdoors. Set it up in your yard and play outside with your kids or invite some friends over. Consider it a chance to turn back the clock.

Make Use of the Freezer

If the heat and humidity has you feeling sluggish and uncomfortable, it’s time to get a little creative. One of your best defenses against the heat is sitting in your kitchen: your refrigerator and freezer. Often small projects can also be used to entertain kids as well. For example, take wet washcloths, roll them up, and put them in the refrigerator or freezer for one hour. Distribute them to your family members and place them on necks and faces to stay cool. Another option is to purchase inexpensive popsicle molds and make homemade ice pops out of juice, lemonade, or coconut water for a healthy, refreshing treat. Putting your freezer to good use will help provide some much-needed relief from soaring temperatures.

Catch a Movie

There is no better place to beat the heat than the movie theater. When the weather gets warm, you can take a two-hour break or make a day of it with a double-feature. This is a win-win. Your family will stay cool and be entertained. Keep in mind that the temperature in the movie theater will likely be cooler than average, so you may even want to bring sweatshirts along just in case.

Prepare Your Home

If you are really struggling to cope with the heat and humidity, it may be time to think about a permanent solution. Heavy duty fans and window air conditioners can help provide some relief, but they can only do so much. They also tend to be noisy, which may make it difficult for your family to sleep, watch TV, or take phone calls comfortably. Consider equipping your home with central A/C. Central air conditioning can provide you with the cool, comfortable relief you need to survive those oppressively hot summer days.

If you’re looking for ways to beat the heat while staying close to home this summer, there are several strategies to consider. Start by thinking like a kid, making good use of your freezer, or catching a movie. You may also want to consider a more permanent cooling solution like installing central air conditioning in your home. These tips can help you enjoy the summer without getting bogged down by high temperatures and oppressive humidity.