Benefits of Personal Injury Lawyers

Whether you are involved in a slip and fall accident or have received a dog bite, hiring a personal injury attorney can be to your advantage. Personal injury attorneys can assist you with a variety of matters for your potential legal case. They can determine whether you have a valid legal claim. If you do not have a strong personal injury case, then it may be in your best interest to accept the initial offering of an insurance company and not to waste your time in pursuing the case.

Assisting You with Other Aspects of Your Case

If you do have a valid legal claim, personal injury attorneys can assist you by conducting legal research on your case. The average person does not have access to tools like legal textbooks, WestLaw or Lexis Nexis. Attorneys are able to use these tools and research the most updated and relevant cases that can impact your own legal claim. An attorney may be aware of a recent case that contains facts similar to your case. This case may have a dramatic impact on the outcome of your own case, and it is important that you include it in the complaint filed.

Creating Legal Documents for Your Case

Personal injury attorneys will be able to take care of creating the legal documents required for your case. If you must proceed to trial for your personal injury case, you will be required to file a complaint. The complaint is one of the most important documents required for your case. This document lays out the legal argument for your case and your request for damages. If you do not properly make a request for damages in the complaint, then a judge may dismiss your case. Opposing counsel may challenge the validity of the complaint if it is not drafted in the proper manner. It is in your best interest to work with an experienced personal injury attorney who can draft a thorough and proper complaint for your case.

Other documents will also be required for a personal injury case. Your attorney may need to compile questions for interrogatories and request for admissions. These documents assist you in the process of gathering evidence to support your case. A personal injury attorney will help you navigate the “discovery” phase of your case. The discovery phase is often just as important as the actual trial for a case. During the discovery phase, your attorney will ask important questions that go to the heart of negligence in your case. By asking specific questions, an attorney may be able to determine whether a party has contributed to the negligence that lead to your injuries. 

Providing Support Throughout Your Case

Ultimately, personal injury attorneys support victims throughout their cases. When opposing counsel attempts to claim that the victim was negligence, his or her own attorney can rebut this claim. It is important that victims have personal injury attorneys who can effectively advocate for their best interests.

About The Author

Adam Zayed is the founding partner at Zayed Law Offices, the premier Joliet/Chicago, personal injury law firm, with years of experience litigating on behalf of victims of personal injury incidents.