As a new and innovative online TV channel TipstR TV wants to have
no borders, neither technically nor thematically. The TipstR TV stream overcomes restrictions of conventional TV as it can be watched on all devices, everywhere and anytime.  At times where the internet has outdated all other mediums it is only consequent to provide all content online and to reach a worldwide audience.
Borderless is how TipstR TV imagines the future of broadcasting.With its new and creative self produced content TipstR TV goes for people’s love to their creative work and the power of innovation in music, fashion and art and connects them to countless exciting stories, that metropolitan people tell. Producers and viewers are excited about the diversity and dynamic.

Multilayered and nearby
TipstR.TV produces its own formats and full length TV shows, like “BERLINstruck”, a brand new and popular format, that shows all that makes Berlin such a special and multicultural place. TipstR.TV’s reporters Marina, Dhar, Marie, Clare, Patricia and the Camera crew are everywhere, where the action is. Marina is out to find the best restaurants, coffee shops and the hottest events and happenings in town, that should not be missed. Marie, Patricia and Dhar will hunt for Berlin’s best live concerts, galleries, exhibitions and check out what Berlin’s nightlife has got to offer.
TipstR.TV chats with new and born & bred Berliners about the city and their favorite places in “Meeting the Locals” und “LOUD! 
“Blogging Berlin” is starting to become another highlight in TipstRland. Bloggers are the new power in town, a connection between journalism and the online world. It is obvious that some light has to be shed on Berlin’s blogger scene to find out who is king in town.
A singer songwriter event filmed live in Berlin’s clubs called “Sound Visions Live and Unplugged” features incredibly talented musicians and has already caused a worldwide stir.
 TipstR.TV stands for “unconventional TV”
. Its viewers are openminded, curious and arty, individualists and metropolitans, multilingual and busy big city folk.