For all those who intend on building a platform, a blog has to be their home base. It will be like a solid base for all their future activities. However, the question is how to get it started?

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For successful blog launch you need to follow these simple 8 tips


John chow Blogging

1. Choose your blog’s niche

Every blog has a niche, some choose startups, entrepreneurship, some choose food, some technology etc. Before you set up a blog, it is important you select a niche for your blog. However, you should also consider two things which are; can your blog with your chose niche attract customers regularly and is there a chance for the audience to grow in numbers and can you regularly post on that niche like john chow

2. Service selection

you have lots of options available like wordpress, blogger, type pad etc, but the best of all is the WordPress. It is available in 2 versions; one is the self hosted version and the other is the hosted version. To decide on them you need to ask yourself; what’s your blog’s ultimate goal? Is it only for time pass or is it going to be a basis for your professional or personal platform. If it is for personal platform, then is your best choice or if it is for professional platform then, choose

3. Set up a blog

if you are setting up your own blog, use WordPress for theme selection, here you can choose from the themes that are already designed and customize them according to your needs. Simple theme like john chow blog

4. Write a blog post

in case you are’nt much into writing then, this could be a little difficult for you initially. Therefore, write short posts and keep them to the point if you do not have any experience in writing. Gradually learn the technique of writing good blog posts. Initially it is best to write about topics that you are good at. Inform your readers about your new blog, what posts you are going to write etc. Interesting posts like john chow blog.

5. Use an off-line blogging client

it is similar to a word processor. You can write offline and whenever you go online you can upload it. Posts can be scheduled which comes in very handy when you go out on vacation or something. Some of the best ones are Windows Live Writer, MarsEdit etc.

6. Add extras

you can access thousands of WordPress plug-ins to extend your blog functionality. Incorporate 3rd party services so that your audience can sign up for your blog subscription and receive your email newsletter. Your favorite posts, advertisements and announcements can be added to your site. However, you must not do it excessively, because when you do so your site will become slow and this could have a bad influence on the blog traffic.

7. Blog Publicity

You are responsible for your blog’s publicity, Inform all the people you know about your blog. Put your blog’s address wherever you can. Use social networking sites and SEO all your blog posts. If your budget permits, you can employ a marketing team to take care of your blog’s publicity.Learn more form Blogging with john chow

8. Write on a regular basis

To bring success to your blog you have to write on a regular process. To attract a lot of traffic you must write often to keep your viewers engaged and compel them to keep coming for more. If you do not provide regular content, they will not visit your blog and ultimately you will lose traffic and so blog will not succeed. So, set a schedule to write regularly, you must post at least 3-4 times a week. Also let people guest post on your blog. Whenever you post new content, notify your readers through newsletters or notifications.

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