How To Plan A Spa Vacation For Less – Save Money And Vacation More!

As people are working longer hours and are under a lot of stress, the idea of taking a spa vacation can be perfect.  But you may think that spending a week or even a weekend at the spa has to be extremely costly so you forego the idea.  Well, think again because there are ways to plan a spa vacation even if you are on a budget.  Here are just a few ideas to help you get started.

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Ask about spa packages that the spa may offer guests. Some spas may offer discounts on multiple spa services.  Inquire as to what services are included in your stay as well. For example, if you are going to a spa for a long weekend and a variety of Pilates and yoga classes are offered, make sure they are included in the price before you sign up.

Find out whether there is a fitness center located at the resort. That way, you can indulge in a spa service in the morning and then fit in some exercise for free after lunch. Some resorts will also have tennis courts on the premises for guests to enjoy as well so you can fit in a few games during your stay.  If the resort has a pool, plan to incorporate some time for swimming into your stay.  This way, you can add some relaxing and healthy activities to your spa vacation at no extra cost.

Do not go overboard on spa services if you are on a budget although it can be difficult to do.  You may want to stay at a resort and only indulge in one or two spa services such as massage and a facial or a wrap and do other things when you are not at the spa.  This way, you can have some time for yourself relaxing but you can also go out and sightsee, shop or take in some attractions that the area has to offer.

Some spas have package deals where you can go and have a variety of spa services and your meals are included. Do the math because this may end up saving you more money than if you did everything piece meal.  For example, some spas have a several day packages available that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, a multitude of spa treatments and fitness classes that are included in the price.  Your accommodations are included too.  You will have ample time to read or relax in your room between classes and spa treatments too.

Some spas have membership programs that can save you a lot of money.  If you have a health club membership, you may be entitled to enjoy spa services at sister locations.  If you are a frequent guest or a rewards card member at a hotel or resort, you may be eligible for discounts on spa services or packages. Make sure you do your homework before booking a reservation.  This way, you can delight in a relaxing and enjoyable spa vacation even when you are on a budget.

The Author is looking forward to her next vacation visiting luxury spas in Arizona and across the US.