Mobile phones keep you connected with your friends and family all the time, but when travelling abroad, staying connected is still a tough thing. The international calling standards, roaming rates and determining what devices will work on foreign land will play deciding factors for communication on foreign land.
Getting phoneless when you travel abroad especially on business it is not possible and so that is what the phone carriers been using to their advantage and making huge profit from it. international calls will be charged by dollars, messages by cents and the charges for data usage are costly too. If the traveler is not careful about them then these little things can amount to huge money. However, you do not have to be scared of making even important calls for the fear of spending hugely. There are always ways to lower these costs with good planning and managing your communication when you travel.

Learn basics

Mobile phone usage differs everywhere. The most popular wireless networks in use, in the world are the CDMA and GSM. When you travel abroad make sure that your mobile is adaptable to that country’s wireless technology. Some mobile phone carriers use CDMA and others use GSM. The former usually work in Canada, India, Japan etc and the GSM works worldwide but with difference in frequencies.The regular charges for international calls of your mobile phone carrier will not change. So make sure that you know the billing details, voice and text messages, calling rates and data usage costs. The billing amount depends on the country you are travelling to.

Weigh all your options when working with a carrier

International mobile phone charges will depend on many things, probably some you would not have even imagined. So, to get a clear idea about everything contact a representative of your phone carrier and ask whether the cell phone you own is for global use or not and also ask if you can activate your phone for international roaming before you travel. If the representative says it is not possible then it does not mean that you have to quickly purchase another one. You can buy rental phones or even SIM cards and so you get a number that is local to make calls within the country.
Ask your carrier about the details of global roaming costs on your mobile phones. Find out the details about service enabling, data roaming and syncing the phone data.

Economical usage

Take care to talk less, browse the web less and as far as possible use the Wi-Fi which will cost you less all in all. To follow these economical ways of using your mobile phone overseas, set strict guidelines for yourself and make sure you follow them. Some of these guidelines have to be to keep the talks brief and to the point, if you want to say something else tell them you will email a in depth report. Be smart in using your mobile phone, keep the data usage minimum by connecting your apps to the Wi-Fi. Use apps that can track data usage to keep you informed of the amount of data you have been using. Use Skype or other VoIP tools to communicate which will help you make calls for free or for not more than pennies. However, make sure that you use a free Wi-Fi connection or a separate data plan.
You can afford overseas calling with a little time and effort for planning things out prior to your trip to a foreign land. If you do so you can have a normal mobile phone bill.