Ever thought about buying your own hot tub? It’s something more and more people are doing and installing one can really enhance your home or garden. However, before you make up your mind there are one or two thing you need to think about first and we’ve teamed up with Essex based Aqua Warehouse to take a look at what these are!


Consider how much money you can afford to spend on your tub taking into account any accessories you are likely to need or want and any preparation work you will need to do first. Hot tubs can be bought for as little as around £3500 with larger models costing up to £14000 and over, so there is going to be one to suit your budget. If money is fairly tight then it may be tempting to go for the cheapest most basic model, but actually, for just a few hundred pounds more you can purchase one with more seats which will be far more versatile. If money is no problem then go for one of the larger luxury models which will come complete with LED lighting and its own sound system as well as many more accessories.

Location is another thing you need to carefully think about, but unless your garden is extremely tiny with no real access to it, then one of the smaller models shouldn’t pose much of a problem. As long as you’ve got somewhere flat to locate it and access to a power supply then it should be ok. In a much larger garden then your options are much more flexible and you could make a real feature of your chosen model by fitting a gazebo or decking/paving to create a real focal point. Landscaping Portland, Oregon can provide you with consultation on your outdoor landscape needs.

Whichever model you decide to go for there is one thing for certain; you’re going to be the talk of the neighbourhood and the envy of family and friends. You’ll never have been as popular as you are now!