Have you ever wondered a simple fall can lead to a fractured bone and you might end up with a immobilizing POP on your limb and when you visit the doctor your body might be detected with a defecit of Vitamin-D. In addition, all that you will be advised medically is to soak up some sun and some calcium pills for your bones.

The process of healing would be quick if the vitamin levels are improved. Vitamin-D and some hours of the sun soaking in to your skin pores will help you get back into a healthy state. These days man, women, even kids are falling prey to the deficiency of this vitamin and as a result are suffering from other related health issues like chronic pains, insomnia, obesity and depression. The vitamin-d deficiency does not spare anybody from the young to the old.

Importance of Sun

Ancestors had a reason to start the day with salutations to the sun. Also those hours spent outdoors doing physical labor under the sun was the secret to their good health as they had enough vitamin-d from the sun soaking into their pores to keep their bones strong and the physical labor kept their muscles tough.

In modern days, most of the hours in a day are spent confined to the enclosed spaces and the only ventilation in the rooms is the air conditioner without even the chance of sun rays peeping through the windows. This is what is leading the way to chronic vitamin-d deficiency. This chronic vitamin-d deficiency is not just an overnight cause, it is due to lifestyle changes that have been occurring over 30-40 years. The vitamin-d importance that is ignored is part to be blamed partly on the field of medicine.

There are also racial reasons to the vitamin-d deficiency. Asians have a disadvantage because of the gene they carry in their DNA with regard to vitamin-d. Their skin is dark due to the pigment melanin which prevents sunlight and UV light from the conversion of Provitamin D to vitamin D-3(cholecalciferol). Deficiency of Vitamin D can cause rickets and ostemalacia leading to deformation of bones in kids and fragile bones causing fractures in adults easily. Vitamin –D has many benefits other than just imparting strength to bones, some of them are increase in immunity, decrease in depression, preventing diabetes, cancer and increase in cardiovascular health.

To treat vitamin-d deficit in body doctors prescribe vitamin-d granules, injections and tablets with the daily dose of calcium, supplements of vitamin D3.

Vitamin Supplements

What is surprising the doctors is the increasing occurrence of vitamin-d deficit even in tropical countries where sun shines entire year. On the contrary cold countries where sun makes an appearance rarely, they seem to be better by regularly consuming vitamin-d supplements. Vitamin-D deficiency is not related to a particular age or sex and anybody can fall victim to the disease. Statistics show that more than thousands of individuals have been diagnosed with deficiency in vitamin-d in the past decade and the number is only increasing.

The normal range of vitamin-d levels are between 30-100. Once diagnosed with vitamin-d deficiency physicians prescribe vitamin supplements. However, the levels do not raise rapidly, it takes around3-5 months and individuals are still at a risk of reverting back to the deficiency. It is not just the strengthening of the bones that is the function of vitamin-d, it also boosts immunity, prevents diabetes and obesity.

So, if you find yourself suffering from body and joint aches regularly give a though about vitamin-d. It is really worth living in gooD (vitamin-D) company.