There’s a huge opportunity behind importing goods from China, whether you are a retailer who wants to earn a huge amount per sale or a wholesaler who offers huge discounts to those who wish to buy in bulk. For centuries China has been considered the leader in mass manufacturing and globalization has made it even easier for China to showcase its manufacturing power. China owes its booming economy to its powerful mass production.

China’s economy is one of the fastest growing and most powerful economies in Asia. Because of their efficient production standards, they are able to manufacture millions of product batches per year, which is higher than any other country in the world could ever produce. Because of their high productivity and low-cost manufacturing solutions, foreign countries outsource their production from China. One of the reasons why Chinese manufactured products sells higher compared to other similar products manufactured by other counties is their competitive pricing. Their low-cost products attracted several entrepreneurs who want to earn money either online or offline and there’s no doubt that the importation and business of selling Chinese goods is a multi-million dollar goldmine that you can take advantage of.




A lot of online sellers from websites like E-bay or single e-commerce websites get their products from China and sold them for either a retail or wholesale price. Those who sell these products in retail earns more while those who offer these products to consumers through wholesale gets a residual income from returning customers. It’s easy to negotiate with Chinese manufacturers online. The best way is to reach them through Skype or by phone, in order to confirm their legal identity. Some online sellers would tell you that they are manufacturers, but you wouldn’t want to deal with “middlemen” who earn profits from the price they raise on top of the original factory price. Your aim is to tap on the cheap array of products through the Internet so it’s very important that you avoid dealing with people who will claim as manufacturers. Making a call on a manufacturer’s website is the best option. From there you can ask them questions about their pricing, their permit, taxes, shipping and other charges.

Some manufacturers will not allow selling to sellers who don’t have a brick and mortar office. In order to be able to negotiate with them you must have a business permit or register a Limited Liability Company (LLC) online for free. These manufacturers avoid dealing with sellers who can’t purchase minimum wholesale blocks, so it’s good to introduce your company to them and your estimated orders per month.


The best way to earn online is through dropshipping. You don’t need to have a huge capital in order to start dropshipping, you only need to ask the manufacturer if they allow your orders to be sent straight to the consumers. This is very cost efficient because you wouldn’t have to maintain and store an inventory and all you need is a website in order to start selling online.

You can send over your goods from China through a middleman who can negotiate to Chinese manufacturers for you, in case the manufacturer’s website is in Chinese or if you need to communicate to them by phone in their language. There are also manufacturers who can’t ship to other countries and won’t allow you to purchase without a Chinese bank account and these middlemen will do the job for you so you can send over your goods from China smoothly. Most online sellers rely in these methods since the prices are cheaper and the negotiation between the manufacturer and middleman is smoother since they can both speak the same language and can bargain without intimidation or language barrier.

One of the cons when you contact manufacturers online is their company’s legitimacy. As mentioned earlier, it’s hard to identify a real manufacturer from a wholesaler if you will just base your research in their company’s website. Many wholesalers will claim that they have manufactured the products themselves, so it’s always better to communicate with the manufacturer directly via telephone. If you have enough funds, you can visit China and join one of their trading expos and negotiate with them in person so you can find the right person to connect with and agree to send over your goods from China.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to re-invent the wheel and manufacture your own line of products, you can contact these manufacturers to mass produce your desired item. This will allow you to earn huge profits without having to invest on your own manufacturing equipment which may cost thousands or millions of dollars, especially if you will consider hiring production workers to make these products. You can negotiate with Chinese factories to have your product made and use your own branding. This is the secret leverage of small to medium business enterprises that sell several kinds of goods to masses.