If you have a photo shoot or special occasion coming up and you’d like to drastically change your hairstyle for the event, have you ever thought about adding some hair extensions? Not only are they an easy and effective way to add volume and length but they can also be used to change the color of your hair without actually affecting your natural hair in the process.

If this sounds appealing to you and you’re curious to know about the different kinds of hair extension options that are available, there are several to suit your particular needs. Five of the most popular ones are enclosed below:

Clip-ins. One easy and affordable kind of hair extension is a clip-in. They are literally pieces of synthetic or natural hair that comes with a hair clip on one end that you can attach to the root of your own hair. These are available at hair supply stores and can be applied without any assistance.

Glue-in. Another way to add hair extensions is one that is known as the glue-in method. Basically, it consists of using a keratin-based glue as an adhesive so that you can position the extensions close to your head for a longer period of time than clip-ins last. However, the reason why this is becoming less of a preferred option is because the process of removing it from your head can result in pulling some of your own hair directly from its roots.

Tape-in. Speaking of using adhesives on your head, another method is tape-in extensions although honestly, they are not much better than glue-in. Although they are not as messy to apply, whenever you’re ready to take them out, they also are going to do a lot of pulling at your hair, which is never a good thing.

Sew-in. For years, something that celebrities and models alike have done to get the kind of longer and fuller hairstyles that they wanted was to have a sew-in extension. If you’re not familiar with what that is, your hair is first cornrowed in a circle around your head. Then, with a needle and type of thread that’s made specifically for hair, the extensions are sewn onto the braid. When it’s done by a professional and when human hair is used, it can literally look like your own natural hair. Plus, this option will easily last for a few months.

Micro-bead. Say that you were to go to a place like the Wigs Depot in order to purchase some hair extensions and you asked them about a modern hair extension application that is all the rave. They would probably mention micro-beading. This is when tiny beads are used to literally scroll small pieces of hair extensions up to your scalp. It’s preferred by some over sew-ins because you can put them in and take them off in a mere fraction of the time. Plus, they tend to lie really flat upon your head. For more information on the micro-beading process, visit Remi Hair Extensions and put “micro loop extensions” in the search field.