I am a Hostgator customer and I’m happy to be one. I’m tired to hear bunch of people telling nonsense about Hostgator so I decided to write this review to tell the real truth about HostGator. All of the facts in this review are informations from my long time experience with Hostgator. Other facts are also from this Hostgator review by BlogMakingSchool so in case you need further proves of how good Hostgator is please read their review also.

  1. Fast loading time

This is the main reason why I love HostGator so much. Since I’m using their shared plan I never had any problems with the loading time. It seems that they are running their servers on some high tech hardware technology that makes all this possible.

I did used hosting from other web hosting companies before and I never encountered an uptime like the Hostgator’s one. I can assure you that if you’re looking for speed, Hostgator is the fastest you can get.

  1. The Best 99,9% Uptime

Companies like Bluehost and Godaddy always have problems with their uptime. I know this because half of my friends have such problems with these companies I mentioned and I never had even the slightest uptime problems. I can’t claim that I never experienced my site being down but even the few downtime moments I had lasted really short.

The uptime according to my needs is my biggest concern and a company that offers such quality of uptime is at the top for me. All the rest of the hosting features are not even partially important as the uptime.

  1.   Fastest and dedicated support

Hostgator has multiple channels of support. The one that I rarely use is their chat support. The guys working there not only would help with what I need but sometimes they even offer direct assistance if needed. This saves me a lot of money on webmasters and web designers since I don’t have big knowledge of this matter.

  1. The professional plans

I don’t know any other hosting company offering the complete all unlimited package of features such as HostGator is. With this full list of features you can do almost anything you need. From an online store to a simple portfolio website, Hostgator will help you build it yourself for free. Other companies usually claim that they also offer unlimited disk space but when you start hosting more than one website they send you emails complaining that you’re using too much of their space and you need to upgrade.

On Hostgator only you can get the kind of features that on other web hosts cost 5 times more. Only the unlimited MySQL databases and the secure SSL port are few worth mentioning that cost so much more than what Hostgator is charging.

  1. The lowest price

Hostgator has many plans. The one that I use is the shared hosting baby plan. It costs only $5 a month and comparing with the prices of the Hostgator’s biggest competitors you will see that this is the lowest price you can get for the features you get.

Some web hosts claim that they have lower prices than Hostgator but their quality is far less good than Hostgator. I would not advise you to give those companies a chance. If you do you will regret your money.