Hot tubs, although much more affordable than when they were first introduced to the public are still a major purchase so you need to consider a few things before placing your order and we’ve been lucky enough to chat with the UK importers of Vita Spa Hot Tubs to take a look at what these are.


First of all choose a manufacturer and distributor that you can trust; a company that has been trading for some time and knows what they are talking about. They will be able to give you back up if you need it and offer you some first class advice tailored to your circumstances.

Obviously your budget will play a large part in the model you choose. Hot tubs come in a variety of sizes and prices, so pick one that will suit both your seating requirements and your budget so you will end up happy with your purchase.

When thinking about your seating requirements, consider how you intend to use the tub. Are you a very sociable person who will be holding lots of outdoor parties or are there just the two of you who will use it mainly for quietly relaxing after a busy day at work?

Take time to think of the kind of accessories you will find useful. Would you enjoy underwater coloured lights that make the hot tub look spectacular? Would you find it useful to have a spa caddy or tray fixed to the side of the tub to hold your glass of wine? Of course these are all things that can be added later once you’ve had the hot tub installed, but there are going to be items that really are a necessity. You must have a cover for the tub to keep the heat in when it’s not in use or you’ll just end up wasting energy, and if you don’t order a set of steps then how are you going to climb in the tub? With a bit of thought, you will end up with the ideal tub for you and your family.