Haunted Travel Destinations

You don’t have to be a believer to find some of the world’s top haunted travel destinations to be a bit spooky. Many visitors every year travel to these world-famous locations with high hopes of seeing anything that could remove that last tinge of skepticism they may have about any life beyond our current reality. Haunted destinations are popular with couples who may enjoy the closeness gained when creepy locations drive them closer together.



Haunted Destinations

There are several haunted locations that should appease any paranormal appetites that are within driving distances from just about anywhere you are located in the United States, or abroad. There are many haunted locations to visit all over the world for those willing to travel further.

Mining Town, Jerome, Arizona – This former mining town is mired in historical drama and an unpleasant reputation that dates back to the days of the Wild West. While the town now only has around four-hundred residents, the current residents insist that there are plenty of others lurking around in ghostly form. Mining accidents, shootouts and outright murders carried out in this town’s heyday remind visitors how precarious life really was in our countries early days.

Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – The United States sole Revolutionary War battlefield is still intact here as Fort Mifflin itself, built in 1771, has been previously restored to its former glory. With fourteen buildings on site and the Delaware River nearby, locals and visitors have reported plenty of sightings from spirits claimed to be of our historic past. In some instances. the Philadelphia police have actually been called out to the property by locals who claimed to hear screaming women, only to find, as usual, no one there. Even children and dogs have allegedly been seen at this location.

Sultan’s Palace, New Orleans, Louisiana – One of many allegedly haunted locations in New Orleans, the Sultan’s Palace is certainly a prominent one. The palace is actually a classic French Quarter design with a spacious courtyard and the traditional wrought-iron balconies so famous when the home was built in the 1800′s . For years, neighbors of the Sultan complained about the horrors they heard rumored of his lifestyle that included the abuse of his many wives as well as children, some of whom were his and some of whom were not. This wealthy man enjoyed his questionable lifestyle, right up until his entire harem was brutally murdered and himself buried alive in his own large courtyard. The perpetrator in the crime was never found and it is this reason that many residents nearby proclaim keeps the Sultan’s ghost and those of his family haunting the area. Some visitors have reported hearing loud music coming from inexplicable locations, unusual noises and even the strong, sometimes overpowering smell of incense.

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