There is obviously a huge trade in rough or uncut diamonds. Take for instance the business that is done by the Diamond Trading Company which belongs to the De Beers group. This company trades in many forms and handles around 75% of global value when it comes to rough diamonds. There is plenty that you can do or think about doing when you have an uncut diamond with you. Here are a few things that you can keep in mind.

Where can you buy an uncut diamond?

It is rather difficult for you to get hold of authentic rough diamonds by yourself but you can certainly keep in mind the following sources:

  • Reputable vendors
  • Diamond exchanges in places such as India, Germany, Belgium and many others in the world
  • Online retailers who are certified and meet with legal compliance.


The value of the gemstone

Interestingly enough, apart from the usually accepted norms such as color, carat and so on, an uncut diamond will also be valued by an expert on the potential that it has to develop into a brilliant diamond. It is the craftsmanship of the Diamond polisher that will determine what happens to your rough diamond. This is one of the biggest reasons why rough diamonds have such an enigma to them.


The polishing process

Once you have got your uncut diamond, you will need to trust a lapidary and a Diamond polisher to give it its final form and add to its value. Most of the polishing takes place in Antwerp, Belgium. There are also other diamond processing centers in places such as Tel Aviv and New York City. The process of polishing your rough diamond and giving its final shape includes:

  • Analyzing the stone for its potential
  • Cleaving the stone
  • Grinding and
  • Polishing which is also known as faceting.


All of which results in creating a gemstone that has retained a lot of its original weight and color, if present. The color of the Diamond can often create a huge layer of value for the stone but again it depends on a lot of other characteristics of the gemstone as well.


Maximizing value

Many people buy an uncut diamond in order to put it through the above process and maximize their investment. One of the biggest necessities in this project is to find an expert Diamond polisher and cutter. It is only this individual who can look at your uncut diamonds and tell you exactly what can happen to it in order to maximize its potential and your return on investment.


Uses of an uncut diamond

As far as the accepted use of diamonds go; that is in jewelry; it is normally only the polished and finished diamonds that find a place in the same. Very few people can use a rough diamond in jewelry. Because it looks pretty much like an ordinary crystal, there may not be the famed allure to uncut diamonds! Therefore, most people turn to rough diamonds as investments in order to create the polished versions.


Thus, looking for an uncut diamond can be an interesting venture to undertake if you keep a few aspects in mind.