Muscle is a collection of groups of muscle fiber, encircled and supported by connective tissue that has collagen fibers. The fibers form a cross link to strengthen and stabilize the muscles. Different muscles have differing quantities of connected tissue proportional to the quantity and the classification of work the muscle must do. To give an example, the constantly used shin muscles have a high content of connective tissue.

Casserole or slow cooking can partially break down the connective tissue as it uses moisture and low amount of heat for a longer period of time. This is the reason shin meat is used to cook gravies. In contrast, a muscle like tenderloin that is located on the inside spine near pelvis does little work, and therefore the connective tissue is non-existent. The tenderloin is thus best suited for grilling or pan frying as casserole cooking would completely break it down.



Cooking method and labels

The cooking method should be printed on the label as different techniques of cooking can alter the quality of eating. Consumers of today have less knowledge compared to their predecessors and thus labels are the primary source of finding cooking information. The correct method of cooking is again dependent on the correct cut of the meat. The meat retailer knows this and cuts the meat according to customer demand.

✦     Slow cook or casserole: Meat should be cooked in gravy or sauce for about two hours. The product is available in 20mm cubes.

✦     Stir-fry: The meat is cut into strips. Normal cooking dimensions are 6mm width, 6mm depth and about 75mm length.

✦     Grill or pan fry: Steaks for the grill, pan or BBQ. They are sliced and usually about 25mm in thickness

✦     Roast: Suitable for an oven temperature of 180 degrees centigrade. Accurate cooking is best judged by using the meat thermometer.

✦     Corn: The meat is suitable for corning. It is prepared by a slow and wet cooking process.

Matching your cooking method to the cut of meat is  a critical part of cooking that delicious meal.

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